Dear Friends of Ernie,

We are all experiencing the loss of our good friend, Ernie.  To honor Ernie’s life and contribution to chiropractic, Jim and Babs and the New Beginnings Board are having a special celebration on Friday April 5, 2019 8:30pm, during the New Beginnings Philosophy weekend.  We hope you will consider coming to share in the celebration of this amazing man.

We are planning a reception for all to attend (immediately following the celebration). Ernie’s wife, Brenda, Ernie’s family, and our New Beginnings family will be there to continue the celebration of Ernie’s life at this special reception.  We are hoping for sponsors and/or contributions for the reception.  If you see it in your heart to participate with either sponsoring or making a financial contribution to help make it really special, Ernie’s family (and the New Beginnings Family) would be grateful for your support.

Thank you in advance for your participation both in person (and monetarily) if that is possible.  All contributors will be acknowledged on the website and during the New Beginnings weekend program. 

If you would like to help sponsor this event, please contact Norah at or call 732-741-6862.  If you will be making a contribution, please send your contributions (of any amount) to:

New Beginnings

c/o Landi Lifetime Celebration

410 Pine Street

Red Bank, NJ


Much love and appreciation,

Kathi and Jay Handt, & Patti Giuliano for the Landi and New Beginnings Families