New Beginnings Inner Circle

Preserving  Chiropractic 

The INNER CIRCLE is an elite group of principled individuals committed to the preservation of philosophical Chiropractic. Members contributed $1,200 or more annually and are recognized for their vested interest in the expansion and development of the NEW BEGINNINGS movement.

Become part of this unique and distinguished circle of leaders who are dedicated to ensuring the future of philosophical Chiropractic.

Current Members

Dr. Jeffery Aita 

Dr. Sam Ayan 

Dr. Ronny Bergman  


Dr. Tony Carrino 

Dr. Matt McCoy 

Dr. Neil Cohen 

Dr. Lona Cook  

Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Cordero 

*Dr. Bob and Carol Crystal 

*Dr. Anthony and Susan DeMarco 

Drs. Dean and Jen DePice

Drs. Andrew and Kristi DeSaro 

Drs. Thomas Dickert 

Dr. Fred DiDomenico 

*Dr. James Dubel and Barbara Dubel 

Dr. Adrienne Fabrizio

Dr. Jennifer Finn

*Dr. Skip & LA George

Dr. Irene Gold 

 *Dr. Jay and Kathi Handt

Dr. Josh and Meredith Handt

Dr. Shelby Henriksen

*Drs. Bill Henry & Barbara Sanoudis 

*Dr. Carol Iaizzi DC 

*Drs. Peter Kevorkian and Patricia Giuliano 

Drs. Kevin and Selina Jackson 

Dr. Rich and Carolann Klingert 

Dr. Jay Korsen 

*Dr. Ernie and Brenda Landi 

*Dr. Michael and Marge LaRocca 

Dr. John and Diane Maher

Dr. John McAtamney    

 Dr. Peter Morgan

Dr. Bob Oerzen Jr.

Dr. Anthony Panzica

*Dr. Eric Plasker 

Dr. Noel Plasker 

Dr.  Ogi Ressel

Dr. George Rhodes

Dr. Beth Risser 

Dr. Tory Robson

 *Drs. Michael and Katie Sarnoff 

Mrs. Patsy Sigafoose

Drs. Becky Keshmiri and Larry Silverstein

Dr. Stephen Simonetti

Dr. Ron Sinagra

Dr. Jeff Slocum

Dr. Gary Stewart 

* Founding members