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Vision:  New Beginnings is facilitating a Leadership Development Program to create leaders in the chiropractic profession.

Mission:  Creating an ever-expanding leadership program so that the world expresses abundant health and harmony!


**  This first mentoring program is no charge, donation to student fund is expected.

What is leadership development?

Leadership Directors within the profession are masters of the education, philosophy, science, and art of chiropractic The Leadership Directors teach Leadership Mentors the skills necessary for effective leadership. This training is done at New Beginnings via webinars and conference calls. This training will be made available to the Student Leaders as well.

Between New Beginning Seminars the Leadership Mentors will have webinars and conference calls with their Student Leaders to provide ongoing training and support for the topics provided by the Leadership Directors and Leadership Administrators.

The Goal of the Program:

Develop students and chiropractors to become leaders in their communities, in their towns, in their cities and across the world; to become leaders in their profession, to become New Beginnings Team speakers, to become candidates for a PH-C and to be Leadership Mentors and Leadership Directors themselves.

Chiropractic Students and New Doctors: Do you want to be the leaders in your community and your profession? Do you want to have a high volume thriving chiropractic practice as soon as you graduate?

Do you want to be a great healer? Do you want to have amazing adjusting skills? Do you want to be the greatest chiropractor? Are you willing to take the steps needed to live a life filled with opulence, happiness and success?


If your answer is yes to any of these questions then read on, attend the next New Beginnings in October, while there sign up with your own personal mentor and learn from the legends and masters to guarantee your success in life and chiropractic!

When you pay your registration fee of $50 you will be assigned a mentor. You will also benefit from a reduced registration fee for the next New Beginnings Weekend on October 27-30.  The NB program will host some of the most powerful chiropractors in chiropractic. We are equally excited to present a Leadership Alliance Program that will give you a skill set that is essential to your success in chiropractic: Here is a sample of the program:

 “Becoming a Master Chiropractic Communicator“.  Leader Director Edwin Cordero, DC, President of Sherman Chiropractic College, along with other Leader Directors will teach several programs:
“Effectively communicate chiropractic to your community before you even open your practice”
“The philosophy science and art of communicating chiropractic on the first visit”
The philosophy science and art of a report of findings.
Communicating chiropractic on subsequent visits.
The philosophy science and art of the Doctors Report
A Lay Lecture that dramatically increases retention and referrals; and much more…


Please help us and refer your friends. The value of this program is worth the world and will help chiropractic get to the masses of people who need it!



Requirements are as follows:

*Attend at least one NB seminar/year and spend time with Mentor at the seminar

*Attend two to four NB Student Leader webinars or conference calls with NB Mentor

*One time fee is $50 with a discounted seminar registration fee of $50. The regular student rate is $100. (Your one time fee includes your registration in the Leadership Alliance Program as a first year doctor).

Please submit your $50 now for the Leadership Alliance Program by-calling Michelle at (732) 741-6862. Best to call on Mondays and Wednesdays 9am-4pm, or Fridays 9am- 1pm.