New Beginnings Student Fund

Perpetuating Chiropractic

The Student Fund helps to ensure that students have the opportunity to experience Chiropractic philosophy the way it was meant to be .. unadulterated, uncompromising and pure.

The following members have contributed to the Student Fund , allowing the Student Committee to continue teaching the necessary skills needed as a Chiropractor.

This will ensure the perpetuation of successful principled Chiropractors for generations to come.

Current Members

Dr. Sam AyanDrs. Pam & Steve Jarboe
Dr. Lona CookDrs. Peter Kevorkian & Patti Giuliano
Dr. Bob and Carol Crystal Dr. Noel Plasker
Drs. Andrew & Kristi DeSaro Dr. Vincent Malba
Dr. Brian FerrisDr. Ronald Marsh
Dr. James & Barbara Dubel Dr. John McAtamney
Drs. Adam and Sandy ElbaumDr. George Rhodes
Dr. Jennifer FinnDr. Beth Risser
Dr. Anthony PanzicaDr. Stephen Simonetti
Dr. Jay & Kathi HandtDrs. Larry Silverstein & Beck Keshmiri
Drs. Kevin & Selina JacksonStina Ross
Wolters Kluwer
--In Memory of Dr. Ernie Landi